Garden Box Credit




Enjoy fresh local produce from The Farmstead with the LGCM Garden Box program. For approximately 14-18 weeks in the summer, starting in June, we will offer a weekly box of produce from The Farmstead. For a $15 Garden Box credit, you’ll receive a mix of local, seasonal produce that varies throughout the season. With this program, you have the flexibility to choose which weeks you would like to pick up produce, and which weeks you don’t want to get produce.

Purchase credits online, and we’ll track them for you to use when you pick up each box. Just order online each week you’d like to get a box! This program is similar to a CSA-style product, without the season-long commitment.


  • Dates are subject to weather. Sorry, but we can’t control the weather!
  • Each week’s selection will vary, based on availability. No substitutions in the boxes. We will announce what is in each box before you’re committed to the box.
  • No refund on credit purchases, we need the commitment to support the growing of the vegetables!

Get full details and order each week’s pickup on this page.


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