Reduce by Half Episode 35: Three Sheeps Brewing Company with Grant Pauly

What exactly does “brewed with heart and science” mean? On this episode of Reduce by Half, we talk with Grant Pauly, founder, and brewmaster at 3 Sheeps Brewing from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. He explains how 3 Sheeps came to adopt “brewed with heart and science” as their slogan, how he comes up with a beer recipe, and more. We don’t just talk about beer, we also talk about small business, food, and a few other things along the way. You can listen using the player below, or click here to listen on iTunes.

3 sheeps brewing company

3 Sheeps Taproom

3 Sheeps Brewing Company brews beer with heart and science in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. You can find their delicious beers in many stores and bars in Wisconsin, and Illinois, or at their taproom (pictured above, photo from 3 Sheeps’ website), in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Click here to visit their website to learn more about their beers, find it near you, or book a tour. I highly recommend visiting their taproom – it’s an incredibly inviting atmosphere, and full of great beer.

Grant PaulyOur guest for this episode was Grant Pauly, the founder and brewmaster at 3 Sheeps. Grant was pouring concrete at his family’s business, when an opportunity to open a brewery presented itself. He took the opportunity and ran with it. You can see a picture of Grant, from 3 Sheeps’ website, right here. Put the voice with the face as you listen to this episode, and be sure to enjoy one of his creations while listening. Unless you’re driving. Then don’t do that.








The Meats Invitational Beer Fest

We’re hosting our first beer fest on September 22nd – and you’re invited! This festival will be featuring beer & cider from 10 different Midwestern producers, including 3 Sheeps.  Check out the list above to see most of what we’ll be pouring, there are a few late additions to surprise you! With live music, and so much good beer, the event is sure to be a good time, plus it’s also for a good cause. $5 from each ticket sold will be donated to Open Arms Free Clinic, plus 10% of all package sales will be donated as well. That’s right, most of the beers we’re pouring will be available for retail purchase! Space is limited, so get your tickets now. Click here to purchase on Eventbrite – we hope to see you at the festival!

Thanks for listening to this episode, we’re so appreciative of Grant’s time, and hope you enjoyed the episode. Please leave us a review or rating on iTunes or your preferred podcasting platform. It helps us grow! We’ll be back soon with Episode 36 – Mavra’s Greek Oil, so stay tuned for that one!

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