Reduce by Half Episode 16: A Leahy Family Christmas

The Holiday season is full of many wonderful traditions. Most of our favorite traditions involve food, and on this Christmas themed episode, we’re sharing the story behind the Leahy family’s favorite Christmas Eve food – French Onion Soup and Hamburgers. My Mom, Kathy Vorpagel, joins me on this short episode, so take a listen and enjoy. You can listen using the player below, or click here to launch on iTunes.

Rita’s French Onion Soup Recipe

For the full recipe, with ability to print and share, click here to visit the recipe page!

Bonus! Rita’s Bubbleloaf Recipe

Thanks for listening to this episode and supporting us throughout the year. We hope you enjoyed our family tradition and we’d love to hear yours. If you’d like to share, just leave a comment below! We always appreciate you subscribing and reviewing the podcast. It helps us grow and reach new ears, so please rate & subscribe! To subscribe on iTunes, just follow this link. Have a Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year. Cheers!

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