Reduce by Half 29: Whiskey Cheese with Ron Henningfield

Hello cheese lovers, we’ve got a bonus episode of Reduce by Half here for you featuring Ron Henningfield of Hill Valley Dairy. On this episode, we talk about the special whiskey cheeses he’s making for our June 22nd Whiskey, Cheese, and Meat Party. This special collaboration between Hill Valley Dairy, Great Northern Distilling, and Lake Geneva Country Meats is going to be a can’t miss event. You can buy tickets online here for just $15, and we’ll be holding raffles at the event to benefit Open Arms Free Clinic. Listen to this episode to learn more about the whiskey cheeses we’ll be sharing, and then get your tickets before we’re sold out! You can listen on iTunes here, or using the player below:


Ron Henningfield & Hill Valley Dairy

Ron Henningfield - Hill Valley Dairy

We’ve previously talked with Ron on Episode 8 of Reduce by Half. You can learn his story and why he started Hill Valley Dairy by listening to that episode. Just click here to visit the episode page. You can find Ron and family at the Lake Geneva, Burlington, and Mukwonago Farmers’ Markets, buy his cheese at LGCM, or follow him on social media using these links:

Thanks for listening to this episode, and we hope to see you at our June 22nd Whiskey, Cheese, and Meat Party. If you’d like to get a ticket, just click the button to go to our Eventbrite page and we’ll see you there!

Get your tickets here!

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