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Pig Roasts

pigroast2Are you looking to plan a Lake Geneva, WI area Pig Roast? Pig Roasts are a tasty and economical way to feed a large group of people for events ranging from graduation parties to summer get togethers, to wedding receptions.  When you decide to host a pig roast, be sure to get your pig from Lake Geneva Country Meats.

Lake Geneva Country Meats pigs are:

  • Locally raised on a family farm
  • Hormone and anti-biotic free
  • USDA inspected for wholesomeness
  • Delicious!

When planning for your pig roast, we recommend allocating approximately 1# of Dressed Weight of Pig to feed each guest you have invited to your party. So, for instance, if you have 150 guests coming to your party, we recommend you order a 150# D.W. pig. To ensure your pig is ready for your event, please call and order from us at least one week ahead of time. When you order a pig from us, we charge a flat fee for a pig and processing. We have four price categories where any pig in that weight range costs the same amount. They are:

  • 80# D.W. and Under
  • 81# D.W. – 112# D.W.
  • 113# D.W. – 175# D.W.
  • 175# D.W. and up is charged by the pound according to market price.

Please call us to ask about current pricing on each weight range. If you have more than 175 guests, we recommend ordering a 175# D.W. pig, and then supplementing the pig with fresh Pork Shoulders (Butts). We also can help provide these other items for your pig roast with one week’s notice:


Lake Geneva Country Meats does not rent pig roasters or cater parties. We just provide the best pigs around. If you are looking for someone to cater your party or rent a roaster from, we recommend you contact one of these companies:

Other LGCM meat processing options: