Since 1965, Lake Geneva Country Meats has been providing great meat and great service to our customers. We’re the meat experts, and we are here to help fill your dinner plate for the night, or your freezer for the month.

Lake Geneva Country Meats was founded in 1965 by John and Rita Leahy. John was a grocery store butcher who wanted to start his own business dedicated to providing an even better quality of meat, service and value to his customers. John cut the meat, and Rita did everything else from wrapping the meat, to answering the phone, to doing the bookwork! Little did they know that nearly 50 years later they would be members of the Wisconsin Meat Hall of Fame, and their business would still be growing.

While we have grown from the small barn we first occupied in 1965, we still stay true to John and Rita’s vision of providing the best quality of meat, the best service and a great value to all of our customers. We’ve been located on John’s family farmland on Highway 50 in Lake Geneva since 1967, and we have added retail, sausage making, and wholesale capabilities to our initial focus on custom processing. As part of John and Rita’s dedication to quality, we are fully USDA inspected, and are able to offer the highest assurances to our customers that we produce food that is safe and wholesome.

Lake Geneva Country Meats is still proud to be owned and operated by the Leahy Family. John and Rita have left us, but members of their family continue to follow their vision in running the business. From our family to yours, thank you for letting us be your fresh meat market of choice. We hope we can continue to help feed your family for years to come.


Scott Vorpagel

President & CEO

Scott married into the business when he married Kathy, and started working at LGCM full time in 2001 as the Director of Operations. Now the President & CEO, Scott’s years of experience from a large industrial company have helped grow LGCM into the company it is today.

Kathy Vorpagel

Retail Manager

Kathy has a lifetime of meat experience that can only be learned from growing up in a butcher shop. A second generation Leahy family member, Kathy keeps an eye on everything to make sure we’re delivering the best products and experience possible to our customers.

Nick Vorpagel

VP of Business Development

Much like Kathy, Nick has learned from growing up in the business. After college, Nick, a third generation Leahy family member, found his way back to LGCM where he uses his knowledge of food, wine, and more to continue growing the business.

Jeff Schmalfeldt

Production Manager

Jeff has worked his way up from box boy to production manager in his over 30 years at LGCM. He is one of the inaugural Wisconsin Master Meat Crafters, and his knowledge of meat cutting and sausage production helps keep LGCM’s products great.

Kim Adams

Chief Meat Ambassador

Growing up on a beef farm gave Kim knowledge of meat, and getting an MBA gave her management skills. Put together, Kim is the perfect person to head up our retail store on a day to day basis. Stop in and enjoy her friendly nature and great advice.


Giving Back Since 1965

Lake Geneva Country Meats has been dedicated to helping the community that supports us since our founding in 1965. To accomplish this goal, we have allocated a portion of our revenue to charitable giving.

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LGCM Awards

Lake Geneva Country Meats has won literally hundreds of awards in state and national competition in the last twenty years. Here’s a partial listing of some of the awards we have won:

2016 International Quality Competition for Sausages at Frankfurt, Germany, hosted by the German Butchers’ Association

  • Ehrenpokal des Deutschen Fleischer-Verbandes – the Honorary Trophy of the German Butchers’ Association for overall product excellence.
  • Gold Medals – BBQ Beef Strips, Cooked Bratwurst, Cooked Cheddar Cheese & Green Pepper Bratwurst, Cooked Portabella Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Bratwurst, Liver Sausage, Smoked Bacon, Smoked Bacon, Cheddar Cheese & Jalapeno Pepper Bratwurst, Smoked Cheddarwurst, Smoked Flank Steak, Ultimate Bacon (Canadian Bacon Wrapped in Bacon)
  • Silver Medal – Old Fashioned Jerky

2017 Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors Cured Meat Championships

  • Grand Champions – Skinless Wieners, Snack Sticks, Coarse Ground Ring Bologna
  • Reserve Grand Champions – Chorizo Sausage, Specialty Meat Product (Ultimate Bacon)
  • Champion – Bone-In Ham, Five Pepper Smoked Sausage with Habanero Cheese, Smoked Polish Sausage, Cheddar Bites
  • Reserve Champions – Old World Summer Sausage
  • Honorable Mention – Jalapeno Pepper & Cheddar Cheese Summer Sausage, Emulsified Ring Bologna

2016 Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors Cured Meat Championships

  • Grand Champions – Restructured Jerky (BBQ Beef Strips)
  • Reserve Grand Champions – Specialty Meat Product (Ultimate Bacon)
  • Champion – Chorizo Sausage, Cooked Bratwurst, Smoked Bratwurst, Wieners
  • Reserve Champions – Boneless Ham, Meal Entree, Jalapeno Pepper & Cheddar Cheese Summer Sausage
  • Honorable Mention – Canadian Bacon, Bacon

2015 Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors Cured Meat Championships

  • R.W. Bray Award of Excellence Best of Show – Ultimate Bacon (Canadian Bacon Wrapped in Bacon) for Best Whole Muscle Product in the competition!
  • Grand Champions – Skinless Wieners, Ultimate Bacon (Canadian Bacon Wrapped in Bacon)
  • Reserve Grand Champions – Boneless Ham, Smoked Polish Sausage
  • Champion – Dried Beef, Flavored Bacon (Chipotle Lime Bacon), Restructured Jerky (BBQ Beef Strips)
  • Reserve Champions – Wieners
  • Honorable Mention – Specialty Smoked Bratwurst (Smoked Cheddarwurst), Liver Sausage, Smoked Turkey, Small Diameter Smoked & Cooked Sausage (Five Pepper Smoked Sausage)

2014 Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors Cured Meat Championships

  • WAMP Product Show Excellence Award – Awarded for most overall award winning products!
  • Grand Champions – BBQ Beef Strips, Summer Sausage, Cotto Salami
  • Reserve Grand Champions – Cooked Cheddar Pepper Brats, Ultimate Bacon
  • Champion – Chorizo, Teriyaki Jerky
  • Reserve Champions – Bacon & Cheddar Chicken Snack Sticks, Cheddar Bite Snack Sticks, Ring Bologna

2013 Wisconsin State Fair

  • Grand Champion – Jalapeno Pepper & Cheddar Cheese Snack Stick
  • Reserve Grand Champion – Ring Bologna
  • Champion – Snack Sticks
  • Reserve Champion – Smoked Cheddarwurst

2013 Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors Cured Meat Championships

  • Grand Champions – BBQ Beef Strips, Liver Sausage, Bacon Supreme
  • Reserve Grand Champions – Boneless Ham, Snack Sticks
  • Champion – Ring Bologna, Smoked Polish Sausage
  • Reserve Champions – Cheddar Bites, Cured & Smoked Bratwurst
  • Honorable Mention – Cooked Cheddar & Pepper Bratwurst, Semi-Boneless Ham, Jalapeno & Cheddar Summer Sausage

2012 Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors Cured Meat Championships

  • Grand Champions – BBQ Beef Strips, Chorizo Sausage, Deluxe Pizza Bratwurst
  • Reserve Grand Champions – Jalapeno & Cheddar Summer Sausage, Boneless Ham
  • Champion – Smoked Polish Sausage
  • Reserve Champions – Cheddar Pepper Bratwurst, Bacon, Cured & Smoked Bratwurst

2011 Wisconsin State Fair Meat Championships

  • Grand Champion – Jalapeno and Cheddar Summer Sausage
  • Reserve Grand Champion – Ham
  • Reserve Champion – Bacon, Barbecue Jerky

1995 American Association of Meat Processors Meat Championships

  • Best of Show – Summer Sausage